Does you Kitty like to sit high above their domain watching over the common folk?


Well here at The Ructic Pet, we like to treat our Feline Friends like the Royalty that they are, with a Tiny Wine Barrel Balcony fit for a King or Queen to watch over their disciples.


Made from Up-cycled French Oak Wine Barrels these Cat Perchs are the perfect rustic rest spot for any cat.




Length:- 35 - 45cm

Width:- 55cm

Depth:- 15- 20cm

Weight:- Varies (Avg. 5- 7kg)


*See Additional Info for Wall Mounting.

Wine Barrel Cat Perch

  • Note:-

    The Rustic Pet does not and will not install this Cat perch, the perch itself needs to be mounted onto a wall stud to ensure that it is secure. The Purchaser of this Cat Perch takes full Responsibilty and Onus to have the perch installed correctly and properly.