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Give Away


Hey everyone its that time of year again where we like to run a Contest but this time it is going to be a little different. This give away will ONLY be featured on our Youtube Page

We are looking for amazing charities, causes or people that work with animals to Donate one of our HALF WINE BARREL DOG BEDS.

How the contest works, we would like you to visit our Youtube page where we will upload a video about our contest. Then tell us about your cause, charity or person that works with animals that is deserving of ONE of our Half Barrel Dog Beds and Just by telling us who you will go into the draw to win one of our Wine Barrel Feeders

The Half Barrel Dog bed can then be used by the recipient as they see fit e.g., a raffle, a Fundraiser or   sold or used in their own competition.

If the Winning party does not or cannot take the prize a donation of $180.00 AUD, the Value of a Half Barrel Dog Bed

This will be Donation will be shown on all The Rustic Pet Socials

Eligibility. Australian Residents that are Subscribers to QuiltyQQ - FREE TO ENTER

Location. Australian Give Away -  Delivery Australia Wide

Entries. One Entry Per Person, Your Entry is your comment on our YouTube Contest Video of the cause, charity or person who deserves our Half Barrel Bed.

Submissions. To enter simply comment your cause or charity in our post during the month of March 2022

Timing. Start 1st of March 2022 0800 AEDT till 31st March 2022, 1200 AEDT

Winners. The winner of the Half Barrel Dog Bed will be chosen by Myself (Scott Quelch) and posted to our Youtube via a Video, this will be the only place to see the Winner and the Winner of the Wine Barrel Pet Feeder will be decided via a random name selector which will be shown in the same video. If your name is mentioned in the Video as the Winner you are to email within 48hrs


In no way is this giveaway endorsed, associated with, sponsored by, or administered by YouTube or any Social Media platform it’s promoted on.

All costs for this contest including possible delivery are the sole responsibility of Scott Quelch (The Rustic Pet) and not that of any Social Media Platform or Youtube.

The full contest details are on our website

Half Barrel Bed
Full Length Barrel Bed
Group Shot Barrel Bed
Full Length Barrel Bed
Black band Half Barrel bed
Large Barrel Bed
Extra Large Barrel BED
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